Zebrafish Research Laboratory

The Zebrafish Research Laboratory in Hacettepe University was established in 2015 within the Laboratory Animals Research and Application Center with the support of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK, 214S174) to study the effects of mutations of rare disorders in Turkey. In 2017 laboratory infrastructure was improved and housing capacity was improved with another project by Hacettepe University Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit (H.Ü.BAP, TAY-2017-12735).

The laboratory has legal and ethical permission from Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Food, Agriculture And Livestock for breeding, supply and generating transgenic zebrafish lines by using genome editing tools.

The infrastructure holds three separate tank systems for housing of adult zebrafish. For newly arrived fish there is a separate quarantine unit and a nursery for larva. 1500 adult fish can be housed at full capacity. Systems are re-circulating through bio-filters, mechanical filters and UV-radiation and fully are quarantined.  Facility has its own reverse osmosis water purification system. Water quality values are monitored everyday and large-scale quality tests are carried out regularly.

Related projects and oral/poster presentations are listed below:

System Identification of the Dynamics of Multisensory Integration. H2020, Project no: 101026643 (2021-2023)



Behavioral Mechanisms of Active Sensing. TUBITAK, Project no: 120E198 (2021-2024)


Development of Bio-Pesticides and Herbicides for Sustainable Agricultural Product Production. TÜBİTAK, PRIMA 2020 Section2

ZF experiments assistant: Ecem Kural-Mangıt

Xmu-Mp-1 Application to Desma Mutant Zebra Fish Model For Treatment. HÜBAP (Hacettepe University Scientific Research Projects), Project no: TYL-2018-17472 (2018-2021).


Investigation of interaction partners of desmin and lamin B using high resolution mass spectrometry. HÜBAP (Hacettepe University Scientific Research Projects) (2018-2019).

Investigation of the effect of a desmin mutation on desmin protein function by using zebrafish model. TUBITAK, Project no: 214S174 (2015-2018).

Development of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing tools in zebrafish for rare diseases modeling. HÜBAP (Hacettepe University Scientific Research Projects), Project no: TAY-2017-12735 (2017-2019).

Investigation of Ocular Growth Pathology by Generating LRP5 Mutant Zebrafish Via CRISPR / Cas9. 2021. TUBITAK Project no: 121S010.
System identification of Multi-Sensory Integration in Zebrafishı. 2021. TUBITAK Project no: 120E054
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